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Like a GLOVE! Who doesn't like a Wednesday :) TKO Tyson Fury Fight Week - Monday :D Fight Week Monday 45/15 Calden is here, he takes photos :D Chatterbox 6 We haven't been doing much abs lately :D TKO Gonna Make You Sweat Starting with a bang! TBO Teens ChatterBOX 5 with Kurt Wednesdays are ON! TKO - Andy Ruiz Family Friday 3 Chatterbox 4 Core Tour Wake Me Up Wednesdays!!!!!! TKO Teisha in the house Skills & Drills Monday, Monday :) It's wet so we will train inside :) Family Friday Nights Ina Thursdays :) Chatterbox 3 with Kurt When in doubt, box it out! Guess who's …. BACK Sweat Science vs The Func Chatterbox 2 with Kurt Wicked Wednesday Chatterbox with Kurt See You Next Tuesday Core Tour - Chatter Box Khaos Opens at 6:30am Jeremy that's still $20 Welcome to TBO Woman in league :) Friday Family Workouts What up Wednesday! Monday Night at the office Let emmmmm play! Work together you must! TBO Block Work - 45/15 x 4 The Return of TBO Volume 4 Kurt, P & Dray on a Saturday!!! Family Fridays Filling in for TKO Andy! Starting your week off right! X FOUR - 1 Minute sets HORNETS X TBO | PRE SEASON Ye Ye Ye I'm now on Wednesdays TKO All Day Baby Waitangi Weekend!!!!! Family Block Training x2 45/10 Chursday Volume 3 4 Blocks - 50/10 Karl her name is Maddy Chursday Volume 2 Monday Core Mind over matter - "Tess" Finishing Friday! Chursdayyyyyy Monday Time Keepers Saturdays are back TBO Thursday Lesssssssssssssgo Tuesdays are back :D Welcome to 2021 Team! Welcome back 2021 ...... wooooo The finishers of all finishers - The other page The finishers of all finishers Up n go for Monday! Here we GOOOOO!!!! Thursday Night Pads Did "YOU" bring your A game? Box "N" Func Dynamic Duo - Sam is not Batman Finisher GGG Holmes It's going to be a wreckage Thursday 14/01/21 12345 4 1/2 Weeks Till Christmas! Abs 4 DAYYYYYS Commando Thursday Ali Butterbean Cameron Canelo Core Tour Don't Forget Sam's Birthday Burpees Duran Family Training Thursday Mornings Hard "Core" Tuesday Hardddddd ABS Holmes 4 1/2 Weeks Till Christmas! I know it's hard, I wrote it :D Lesssssssssgo Lomas No Mas Lomachenko Mayweather Monday Balls Monday Madness Monday Morning Rounds On the 4th Day of Christmas..... Monday Morning Crew Pacquiao Saturday's for the HARDOUTS!!!! Saturdays are for.....The Box Office Saturdays with Kurt and PPPPPPP Smashing Saturday Smile for the camera :D :D Sugar Ray TBO Challenge Training The Strongest Shall Survive Thursday Thursday - Time vs Pyramids Thursday Turn Up Thursdeee Morning :D Today is the BIG DAY Today is the BIG DAY .... WARM UP Tua Tuesday Boxing Tuesday Science Tuesday Sweat Turn It Up Tuesdays Tyson Tyson Tuesdays We Work Hard, Train Hard then we …. BBQ We going hard tonight Wigley! Welcome back STEPHEN MCIVOR! X2 Saturday Friday Morning 15/01/21 Hey Tuesday! Tuesday Knock Out - I Get Knocked Down Saturrrrrrrday people!!!!! Let the Challenge Begin! Team Knock Out #TKOWinners Because It's TKO Tuesday TKO All Day All Night