TBO Experience

First Timers

Show up 15 min early to meet the fam, and one of our
team members will take you for a tour of the club.

Get Started

After your intro tour, your coach will give you the rundown
and prepare you for the workout.

Daily Classes

This is where the magic happens. Every workout is
dynamic and changes daily, so you’ll never get bored.

Team Training

Join a unique and diverse community, where we make it our
mission to empower you and help you achieve your best.


The Community

Being locally owned and operated, our community is at
the heart of what we do.

The environment we aspire to create is:

  • Motivating and supportive
  • Results driven
  • Non-judgemental
  • Welcoming to all fitness levels

Our members can’t get enough

mel-boxoffice necos letisha jason

"After the first class I was hooked! The atmosphere is incredible and the people, some I now call my best friends are what makes TBO feel like home"

The Box Office Member

"Blows my mind to think back a year ago that I'd be where I am today 20kgs lighter, boxing doing what I love doing, the journey has been life-changing! "

The Box Office Member

"I’ve never done boxing before and never considered it as fitness option for myself. However, when I went to my first boxing class at The Box Office, I fell in love "

The Box Office Member

"People get to train at their own pace in a no pressure, all support environment, surrounded by trainers that care about who their members are "

The Box Office Member

Our members can’t get enough


The Workout

Our boxing-inspired full body workout, is the perfect
blend of muscle toning and strength building.

From the moment the bell rigs,  you’ve got 45min
of explosive, functional and agility training.

No prior boxing experience is required, and all
fitness levels are welcome.

A quick 10 min warm up will get you ready
and prepare you for the best hour of your day
Once the warm is done, it’s now time to work! Get ready to unleash your inner athlete. Classes are designed to make you feel good and train with purpose.
This is where the magic happens! Now the main workout is done, it’s time to reach new limits and give it all you got in our quick high-energy finisher.


The Sport

Wanting to take your skills to the next level?

Our expert trainers have decades of experience,
coaching amateurs and elite boxing champions.

We focus on boxing technique and help you master
your ability in our Skills & Drills and Team TBO classes.

Book a 1-on-1 session with one of our trainers
today and unleash your inner-athlete.


A powerful boxer puts their entire body behind their punches. Learn how to transfer power from your legs and torso to your arms, and hands.


Learn how fast punches can create enough momentum to generate an incredible amount of speed, making for efficient strikes.


Improving your timing and accuracy will increase your efficiency and effectiveness in the ring. This means you can hit harder while using less energy!

Try us out today

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